About us

What is FlexiPreme?
Are you struggling to find time to exercise? When you do get the time to exercise do you wonder which exercises and workout routines you should be doing? If you answered yes to those two questions then you have come to the right place! Flexipreme is a workout system that can be done at work, in the classroom, in your home, or wherever else you choose.  These exercises and workouts can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. No longer do we need to make excuses not to workout. No longer must we claim we don’t know which exercises to do, or how to perform them. Let Flexipreme help transform your mind and body!
Our Mission:
We want to motivate TEACHERS (and anyone else who wants to live a healthy lifestyle) to be active, fit, and stress free (as some of you may have heard that exercise can greatly reduce stress and increase feelings of well being, and let's be honest, teaching has it's stressful days)! We seek to equip people with the knowledge, resources, and support to accomplish their fitness goals despite having a busy (and often hectic) schedule! FlexiPreme is more than an exercise system; it’s a lifestyle! 
What we Provide:
  • Our Fitness Portable gym which includes many of the resources you will need to perform a variety of exercises at work (resistance bands, ankle straps, and more)
  • Instructional videos of exercises (coming soon)
  • Course materials/ebook which includes: custom work out routines to do at work or in the classroom (or wherever you choose) with specific exercises, sets, reps, rest periods and modifications. Our course materials also teach you HOW to PROGRAM your own training. You will literally never have to pay a personal trainer again! 
  • Workout programs 
  • On-going support from our trainers
  • Workout clothes (you don’t have to only wear these when you exercise, let people know your proud of being fit!- sold separately)